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Hair Loss Specialist

Marc Avram, MD -  - Hair Transplant Specialist

Marc Avram, MD

Hair Transplant Specialist & Cosmetic Dermatologist located in Upper East Side, New York, NY

Your hair is an important part of your appearance and self-confidence. A head of thick, healthy, shiny hair is a sign of youth and vitality. Dr. Marc Avram is dedicated to helping his patients from in and around the Upper East Side neighborhood in New York City, and throughout the world, address their hair loss with a variety of treatments to look and feel their best.

Hair Loss Q & A

What causes hair loss?

As with many conditions in our body, hair loss is often related to genetics. We do not fully understand the precise genetics. Patients with hair loss should be seen by a dermatologist specializing in hair loss to confirm a diagnosis.  In addition to genetics, there are a variety of other potential causes for hair loss including: inflammatory skin diseases, infection, hair products/hair styling, medications and underlying medical conditions. A physical exam and complete hair loss and medical history are important. If there is any doubt as to the diagnosis a scalp biopsy can help confirm a diagnosis.

What is male and female pattern hair loss?

Androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, is characterized by the shortening of the hair follicle’s growth cycle eventually leading to thinner hair and color loss. It primarily affects the front and crown of the scalp. While each man has his own unique experience of hair loss, hair loss itself is very common. Approximately 30% of men show signs of hair loss by the age of 30 and up to 50% of men experience hair loss by the age of 50.

What should I expect when I meet with Dr. Avram to talk about my hair loss?

Dr. Avram will review your hair loss history, medical therapy to date (if any), and examine your scalp. If there is any doubt regarding your diagnosis, a scalp biopsy will be performed to establish a diagnosis. A medical and/ or surgical treatment plan will be created depending on your diagnosis, extent of hair loss, and best treatment option for your hair loss. Throughout your treatment, Dr. Avram and his staff are committed to answering your questions.