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How to get maximum density from a hair transplant procedure?

Male and female pattern hair loss are progressive conditions.  The rate and extent of hair loss varies from patient to patient - we know this from family and friends in our lives.  Some have gradual loss over decades while other lose the majority of their hair over a few short years.

Hair transplantation can restore hair where we have lost hair.  It does NOT prevent ongoing hair loss.  Therefore, successful medical therapy for hair loss will result in the maximum long-term density from a hair transplant procedure.  Minoxidil oral/topical, finasteride oral/topical, PRP, and lasers can be very effective. 

A hair transplant procedure will give you more hair than you would have had short and long-term.  The procedure is performed in our office under local anesthesia.  It will look natural.  Successful medical therapy will add even more long-term density.


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