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Post-Operative Hair Transplant Instructions

Patients often ask: "What do I need to do after my procedure so that the wounds heal well and the hair willgrow well in the months ahead?"


Hair Transplantation is performed in the office under local anesthesia.  Post procedure wound care is straightforward and important to follow for optimal recovery and growth of transplanted hair.

No wound care is needed where the hairs are placed on the frontal scalp.  There is pinpoint scabbing in the areas where the hairs are placed on the frontal scalp, which may or may not be visible o the world depending on the amount of hair you have in the area before it is transplanted.  Shower each day and scabs will disappear in 5-8 days.

Do not pick the scabs that could damage transplanted hair.  In the back of the scalp we give patients a heavy moisturizing ointment to apply for 4-10 days.  In all skin incisions moisturizing the wound will promote quicker wound healing.

Patients are able to resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.  The primary restriction is to avoid heavy physical, sweaty exercise for 5-6 days after the surgery.

After one week, all patients are able to resume normal activities and then we await the results from the transplant from 9-15 months after the procedure.


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