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Female Hair Transplantation

Hair loss for men and women is extremely upsetting; no one likes losing their hair.  For women, it has a particular emotional and psychological impact due to the lack of scoietal acceptance for hair loss in women.  Fortunately, for female pattern hair loss there are effective medical and surgical options.  The vast majority of women losing their hair were able to maintain or restore existing hair through medical treatments including minoxidil, low level light therapy, and PRP.  When there has been enough loss where the scalp is visible, hair transplantation can be an effective option.  As long as there is enough donor area in the back of the scalp to harvest, transplantation can be performed in a way that no one will know what was transplanted and not transplanted.  The procedure is performed as an outpatient under local anesthesia where we remove hairs from the back of the scalp and individually put them throughout the thinning areas in the frontal area.  It takes nine to twelve months to see the results of the surgery.  

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