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Is dual therapy for hair loss worth doing?

When treating male and female pattern hair loss, compliance with any therapy is key to judging efficacy.  For any medical treatment, it takes a minimum of 6-8 months to see results.  This is because of the hair cycle.  The therapy that you are using to treat hair loss happens over months, NOT days or weeks.  Therefore compliance with a single therapy is vital.

What if a patient is highly motivated?  Is ther any benefit to using two treatments at once?

The answer is Yes.  There are multiple peer reviewed studies that show dual therapy is even more likely to work.  Most of our patients choose a single therapy, but some choose two therapies at the same time ( a combination of PRP or laser, or minoxidil and finasteride) if they can be compliant with two therapies, as this can increase the chances of success even more than a single therapy.  

Any combination treatment using finasteride would be for men only. 

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