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Lasers for Hair Growth

Lasers have long been used to remove hair but can they regrow hair?
Low level light therapy (LLLT) has demonstrated in multiple peer reviewed studies to help maintain or regrow hair in patients with male and female pattern hair loss. The devices are FDA approved. The low energy and red light they utilize or so safe the procedure is done at home by  you. 
The advantages of low level light therapy for hair loss include - effective, painless , safe 
Disadvantages include- needing to do the treatment 30 minutes every other day and compliance. 
Low level light therapy is one of the effective options we have to treat hair loss. Other options include platelet rich plasma ( PRP). oral and topical minoxidil, and oral and topical finasteride. Each has advantages and potential disadvantages. Review what will work best for you during your consult with a dermatologist that treats hair loss 

Dr. Marc Avram

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